The Secret to Interviewing in a Buyers Market

Authenticity, What Employers Really Want

Let’s say you get home and open your mailbox. You grab the the mass of mail and begin to sort them. Within that large pile, there is a letter written to you by your best friend. Also in that pile are offers for credit cards and insurance. Contrast how you feel about that letter from your friend and a piece of junk mail.

Your Stories Convey Your Authentic Self

But who is your “authentic” self? We can only be authentic to the extent that we know ourselves.

Be Objective: Would You Hire Yourself?

As a final point, let’s sanity check ourselves. Ask yourself, “If I showed up this way, saying the things I did, how compelled would I be to hire me?”



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Antonius Tsai

Antonius Tsai


My work is in helping people connect to their greater selves and authentic purpose. (