Mastery by George Leonard

  1. Are you the “dabbler, hacker, or obsessive”? There are three mindsets that people often use in approaching learning and practice. These are actually counterproductive to learning. I admit that I can be a bit of a dabbler, I like to be the jack-of-all-trades. Learning new things is fun in the beginning, but when the novelty wanes, so does my effort.
  2. There are plateaus. In the process of learning, there are periods of rapid improvement, followed by plateaus. It is not a straight line upwards. The plateaus are challenging because it causes us to doubt and can cause us to over-compensate by practicing even harder or to abandon the practice once we are not seeing the improvement in the timeline that we expect. So be patient and continue to practice through the plateaus.
  3. There is inertia. How much do you really want it? Have you ever set goals that you didn’t take action on? There are two forces at play here. One is inertia; it is hard to get started. There is a process to build emotional leverage and get moving. The second is the question, “How much do you really want it?” We sometimes think we want something, only to find out that we only wanted the payoff, but not the process. For the things you actually want, you want the process (practice) and the payoff is a byproduct.




My work is in helping people connect to their greater selves and authentic purpose. (

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Antonius Tsai

Antonius Tsai

My work is in helping people connect to their greater selves and authentic purpose. (

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